Stewart Jones' work focuses mainly on the sidelines of the city and the relationships of light and shadows within the urban environment. His subjects are the often overlooked, seemingly unimportant places and moments within the cities he paints. His unique compositions -the unexpected angles and perspectives, the shadows and light between buildings- are described with a passionate and confident touch, making these spaces instantly familiar, and yet new and exciting all at once. 

Jones has a 4 Yr Associate Diploma in Drawing&Painting from the Ontario College of Art (1995) and graduated from Sheridan College’s 3yr Classical Animation program (2001). Jones’ work has been shown at exhibits across North America ( AQUAMIAMI, AFFORDABLE ART FAIR NYC, LOVEART TORONTO, ARTIST PROJECT TORONTO). Jones has created album art for Canadian bands Cuff The Duke, Wayne Petti, Justin Rutledge and Polaris and Juno award winning Sarah Harmer. Stewart also art directed JUNO award winning RUMBLESEAT-The Sadies (MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR 2012). Jones is an active founding member of The CanadianArtCollective and CityFieldNorthShore painting collectives + has gallery representation in Vancouver, Ottawa, Kingston + Prince Edward County. In 2013 Stewart moved to Wellington, Prince Edward County where he lives and works. MAISON DEPOIVRE  WALLSPACE GALLERY






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